postheadericon Qualities of Good Restaurant Manager

Restaurant management in DubaiSo you want to start and manage your own restaurant. With the food business’ booming economy, you could not let yourself miss the opportunity. You have passion for food, money to cover start-up costs, and great ideas. However, venturing in the food industry needs more than just these things. To know help you realize your dream successfully, here are three traits that you should embody.

Effective communicator

Effective communication with your staff and other managers is absolutely necessary in the chaotic world of restaurant management in Dubai. It is necessary for you to hold regular staff meetings. Do it before their shift starts to review expectations, inform employees of any changes in policy, and go over dinner specials. When you see that your staff is performing well, be sure to send out your appreciation. Give them a positive feedback.

Communication does not only mean that you have to do all the talking, it also means that you need to be a good listener. Schedule one on one discussions with your crew to hear their concerns or plans. They should also be involved in the decision-making so that they will feel valued and invested.

Excellent customer service skill

You can have the best chef, location, or menu, but if you fail on serving the customers appropriately, your restaurant will probably go down in no time. It is important that you try to remember the names of your regular customers, and the dishes and drinks that they usually order. Every once in a while, give them complimentary meal to show appreciation.

There are times that customers make impossible requests but if you at least try to meet their needs, they will much more be forgiving if you cannot. And with complains, always remember that the customer is always right. Even if you do not agree, how you handle it will determine if the customer will still come back to your restaurant.

High-level of patience

Above all, your patience should be your priority. You will need your patience from planning and conceptualizing your business plan, to getting all the things needed, finding a perfect location, not getting your expected outcome, and most especially, once you finally open your restaurant. Mistakes and accidents are bound to happen in every restaurant. Things are dropped, orders are inaccurate, and both employees and customers are displeased. Remain calm and collected because if you lose your cool and yells at someone, this will not be good for your business or morale. You need to learn how to think quickly, accept criticism, and do it all with a smile if you want to have good restaurant management.